Cop Pulls Over a Biker to Give Him a Fist Bump! WTF?!

Cop Pulls Over a Biker to Give Him a Fist Bump! WTF?!
It is no secret that most people hate being pulled over by the police, especially when they just did something dumb. Even if you get a mere slap on the wrist, chances are you'll still feel like an idiot for getting into that situation in the first place, but after watching this video we are wondering if we feel that way because the officers who pull us over are not nearly as cool as the cop seen in this video! At the start of the video we join in on a ride with a motorcyclist who had just bought himself a new ride! As a result, the rider is driving a little too fast for the law. A s a result, a cop ends up pulling the rider over to the side of the road. However, this police man is not ready to give him a ticket or a lecture! Instead, we watch in disbelief as the rider gets let off easy and even gets a fist bump! Talk about a cool officer! To watch the entire situation unfold click the video! Is it too much to expect every cop to be this cool?